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Unlimited Users

At DisCo®, we don't believe that restricting the growth of your company by limiting clients, leads, or users is a good way for us to build a strong relationship with our users. We never hold you back.

Unrivaled Billing Capability

Not every company charges the same way. Why would you let a software company tell you how you should bill YOUR clients? With DisCo®, the power to create custom billing plans is yours.

Online Scheduling App

The scheduling app inside DisCo® lets you and your team manage time more effectively, and saves your company money by eliminating the need for third-party online scheduling programs.

Modern User Experience

2004 called and they want their pie charts back. While some may not see this as a "feature", the team at DisCo® knows that your image of your business is extremely important. Don't let them down.

Audit Generator

When it comes to credit audits... DisCo® did it first and DisCo® does it best. Your clients deserve the absolute highest level of quality data when working to better understand their credit reports and scores.

Custom Website Builder

We have all seen those "template" sites offered by some other softwares. DisCo® allows you to unlock the full potential of your customer's web experience with hundreds of fully customizable web elements.

Partner Program

Our DisCo® partner portals allow your company to maximize some of your most valuable resources. Your affiliates will love knowing they can co-brand the client experience to get them back when they are ready to buy.

Live Chat Messenger

You can communicate safely and securely with your leads, clients, partners, and even other users with the DisCo® messenger system. It even works as a live chat support option with some of our paid service levels.

Proven Automation Systems

Our DisCo® PRO and Premium levels come with customizeable automations in place that use the same proven methods of seven figure companies. No more need for third party apps like Zapier® or Infusionsoft®.

Effective Communications

There are plenty of software options that allow you to email a client, but how often do people really read their emails anymore. DisCo® allows you to email, chat, and even Two-Way text your clients.

Invaluable Training

Our creator built a seven figure business from the ground up. The DisCo® training section gives you access to a library of knowledge focused on building, growing, and sustaining your company. Knowledge is power.

Want to AUTOMATE like the pros?

Automating a successful business can get confusing. All our levels come with the same automations that are used by million dollar companies every day.


Level 1

$159 / month
$297 / yearly
  • ALL Core Features
  •® Integration
  • 3 Users
  • Add User $50/Month
  • 200 Clients
  • Add 100 Clients $50/Month
  • Up to 200 leads
  • Add 100 Leads $50/Month
  • Up to 100 affiliates
  • Add 100 affiliates $50/Month
  • Unlimited Emails
  • 10MB Upload Space Per Contact* Media Storage
  • DisCo® Automations
  • Ticket Support Only

Level 3

$369 / month
$1,997 / yearly
  • ALL Core Features
  •® Integration
  • 12 Users
  • Add User $30/Month
  • 1350 Clients
  • Add 100 Clients $30/Month
  • Unlimited leads
  • Unlimited affiliates
  • Unlimited Emails
  • 40MB Upload Space Per Contact* Media Storage
  • DisCo® Automations
  • Ticket Support
  • Chat Support
  • Phone Support

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We believe we have created the most efficient and effective credit repair company management software on the market. When you see the full potential of DisCo®, you will quickly realize that we have created a new standard for the industry.