"The BEST Credit Repair CRM on the Market."

DisputeComposer or "DisCo" is the only full featured CRM offered to the Credit Repair industry completely free.
Free Forever
Company Analytics

Want to track your new clients by month? How many new affiliates you got last week? Your sales so far this year? We've got you covered.

Dispute Letters

With tons of Dispute Letter Templates and a spinner that gives millions of variables, you will NEVER have to send the same letter twice.


When looking at a new software, you need the switch to be easy to learn. DisCo works exactly the way you would expect it to work.

Lightning Fast

We know that in your business, time is money. That's why when we built DisCo, we did it with you in mind. Faster. Smarter. Simple.

Your very own Custom Dashboard

The dashboard in DisCo is fully customizable. Want to see a certain widget? Add it to your dashboard. Don't want to see a different widget? Cool, get rid of it. It's YOUR dashboard. Let it show you what YOU want to see.

The dashboard is customized not only per company, but each and every user has their own dashboard. Sales people need to see sales stats. Processors need to see tasks and processing stats. Now each user can see exactly what they need to see.

See it in Action

Never forget another task.

Our MyDay feature is built to allow you to NEVER forget another important task. We have all been there, the tasks pile up and something gets missed. Well... not anymore. Click the task on the left and the customer record opens on the right. Simple.

Did we mention that you can auto-generate tasks based upon actions in the crm? That's right. Let's say you want to send a round of letters and then call the customer after 15 days. You can use the campaign manager to automatically set that task for you!

See it in Action

It's as ease as 1 - 2 - 3!

Sign Up

The signup process could not be simpler. Why? Cause we don't need your credit card! We just need some basic info about your company.

Add Contacts

Already using a CRM? Uploading your contacts into DisCo is simple. Select the file you want to upload, match the field names, and... DONE!

Get to Work

DisCo is extremely user friendly. Remember, it was built by a CREDIT REPAIR expert, not a software company who "thinks" they know what you need.

Fully Responsive

Any Screen. Any Size. Desktop. Laptop. Tablet. Mobile. DisCo is able to work where you are. Don't be tied to that desk!

Global Search

It could not be easier to find clients, leads, affiliates, users, letter templates... all can be searched from one Global Search bar.

Lightning Fast

Remember, Time is Money! You want a software works as fast as you do. No more waiting for the spinning wheel of death!

Simple Letter Creator

The letter creator is so simple. Create Bureau and Creditor letters with a few clicks. You can even SCHEDULE letters.

Dispute on the Go

DisCo is fully cloud based. You don't have to worry about being at the office at all times. You can work from anywhere.

Easy To Automate

Our campaign manager is the only thing in the industry that allows you to fully automate your business. Save Time. Save Money.

You read this correctly... This is not a free trial!

It's a FREE SYSTEM. No credit card required.